Monday, August 6, 2012

Mascara Matters: Lancome Hypnose

Hypnose, a mascara line from Lancome, offers a few distinctly different mascara choices, each with it’s own unique wand. Here is a simple guide to the different wand types and what they will do for your lashes.

Hypnose Custom Volume Mascara:
This mascara is designed to boost volume in your lashes, in a way that you can control depending on how many layers you apply, using the patented POWERFULL brush. Though this hypnose wand may look like a more standard mascara wand, it is great for getting the smallest lashes and making them pop with volume. The brush features 1000 bristles that separate lashes and increases lash volume up to six times.
Hypnose Doll Lashes:
Hypnose doll lashes is meant to give you the wide-eyed doll look. This brush is cone-shaped, making it easy to get some of the hard to reach lashes while creating a ultra smooth application. The unique wand, combined with nylon bristles, will give you thick lashes with precisely separated corner and bottom lashes.

Hypnose Drama:
Get instant lash body from Hypnose Drama! The brush for this mascara has an oversized S-shaped design to achieve full contact with your lashes. The S-shape wand allows you to coat all of your lashes with just one layer. This shape delivers a full fanned out lash. Along with an amazing wand, this mascara also features a deep black pigment for the extra bold look.

 Which of these wands is your favorite?

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  1. I tried the Drama one the other month, its fab isn’t it! Glad someone else agrees. Love the blog, such a fan now xx